International Solo Flautist, Author,

Recording Artist, & Film Producer

" Bettine's Concert was an event that smiles out from the stage."  

-The New York Times

Photos by Andrey Alexander

"A true Artist, who includes the audience as part of the musical experience."

-San Francisco Performances

Bettine Clemen

Welcomes you to Joy of Music

"A Symphony for the Senses."

-The Saskatoon News

"A Master of her instrument."

-Salzburger Nachrichten


Bettine's Film, "Flutasia: Love Song for a Planet"

Jan 29th til Febr 9th: Solo Shows on Oceania Insignia from Cottonou, Benin West Africa to Angola, Sao Tome, Namibia and Cape Town South Africa

Febr 9th til Febr 13th : In South Africa working on a new film with elephants, lions and cheetahs.

March 3rd til March 22nd: Solo Shows on Ms. Prinzendam from Barbados to Miami and from Miami to Malaga, Spain

August 13th til August 17th: Solo Shows on Oceania Nautica from Tallinn, Estonia to St. Petersburg, Russia and Helsinki Finland

August 22nd til August 30: Solo Shows on Oceania Insignia from Barcelona, Spain to Taormina, Italy

October 1st to October 10th: Solo Shows on Oceania Nautica from Seville, Spain to Civitavecchia, Italy

As Seen on PBS

View Scenes from Bettine's Movie: "Flutasia: A Love Song for A Planet"

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