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An amazing life's journey inspired by  
nature, music, humor and love... 

"This journey around the world with Bettine actually takes you on a joyful path to the heart of love. Bettine's own heart reveals everything in this story of her extraordinary adventures in music making, which, in the case of Bettine's flutes, is lovemaking in sound 'Open your Ears to Love' is also full of the deepest spiritual wisdom and unforgettable stories of the people and animals that Bettine's life has touched in magical ways. This is a book I am recommending to my friends to make sure they have their own unforgettable encounter with this wonderful shining soul whose words are also her love song to the world."  
Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. Author of Heading Toward Omega and Lessons from the Light  

"Bettine not only takes you on an incredible and fascinating journey around the world, hut also shares an extraordinary tale of a person to whom God gave a special gift. Her story will fill your hearts with joy and your souls with love and understanding." 
Nick Bunick Author of In God's Truth and subject of The Messengers by Julia Ingram and G. W. Hardin.  

"The creative genius that lies behind Bettine's music is manifested here in this interpretation of her life... An extraordinary autobiography that has lessons for us all." 
Lorin Hollander World-renowned Concert Pianist.  

"Through the remarkable stories of her life and travels filled with music, love and humor, Bettine shows us that we can reconnect with nature, that everything is connected and that 'people, protect what they love. Bettine's music contributes to protecting the planet and all who call it home." Jean-Michel Cousteau. Jean-Michel Cousteau Insitute.  

Bettine enjoys a flourishing international career as a solo flutist and recording artist. Her innovative solo shows have taken her around the world many times with invitations to perform on some of the World's finest stages, including The Royal Albert Hall and Lincoln Center and concert halls in China and throughout Europe. It has always been Bettine's belief that music can be a tool for wholeness and well being. She says, "Music is a celebration of life and it can be healing when the sound is filled with love. It can uplift the listener's mind, body and spirit."  

$ 14.95 USA The Hovenden Press.  
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by Bettine Clemen 

Open Your Ears to Love is an autobiographical look at Bettine Clemen's life, travels, and relationships with children, people and animals on her musical and spiritual life's journey. It takes the reader to all areas of our planet, showing the inter-connected nature of all life with the cosmos and is interspersed with her insights and humor. The theme throughout shows that music, love and humor can raise the consciousness of our planet and increase personal and collective awareness of who we are and where we are going.  

The book is set out in seventeen chapters with a Preface and Epilogue by the author and is a total manuscript of 240 pages. The Contents are as follows:  

Chapter One: "Animal Gifts"  
Chapter Two: "A Life-Changing Car Accidenf'  
Chapter Three: "Adventures in Brazil"  
Chapter Four: "An Alien in China7'  
Chapter Five: "On the Road"  
Chapter Six: "Young Audiences"  
Chapter Seven: "Healing Hard Times"  
Chapter Eight: "A Sad Farewell and a New Beginning"  
Chapter Nine: "Surprise in the Sauna"  
Chapter Ten: "Mediterranean Experiences"  
Chapter Eleven: "The Emerald Isle"  
Chapter Twelve: "Nordic Light"  
Chapter Thirteen: "Travels to Africa and India"  
Chapter Fourteen: "Pacific Kava"  
Chapter Fifteen: "Down Under"  
Chapter Sixteen: "South East Asia"  
Chapter Seventeen: "Penguins and 'Terror' del Fuego"  


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