"The Concert was one of those events that smiles out from the stage . . ." 

The New York Times

"A true artist who includes the audience as part of the musical       experience . ." 

Ruth A. Felt 
President of San Francisco Performances


"Bettine Clemen's multimedia concert with our symphony was truly entertaining, uplifting, colorful, and vibrant."

Apo Hsu
Music Director 
Springfield Symphony


"Bettine's musical and artistic abilities are of the highest order; she is a superb flutist and expert on a host of folk flutes from around the world.  She has directed all her energy, talent, and spirit to communicate her love and desire for a better future for all living beings on earth.  Bettine Clemen is the Pied Piper of the Planet.  I would recommend her without reservations."

Uri Barnea
Music Director
Billings Symphony


"I know I can truly speak for everyone in the hall when I say that you (Bettine) were wonderful and your program was excellently presented."

Carlana Fitch
Executive Director
Springfield Symphony

"Today's concert audiences want to co-create exciting musical events with me," says Acclaimed Solo Flautist and Entertainer, Bettine

Bettine offers a unique experience to audiences.  She presents a stunning multimedia concert that combines popular songs, show tunes, light jazz, and classical music.  Her innovative shows include breathtaking images of natural and exotic locales, sacred sites, and Bettine playing "concerts" for over fifty different species of animals around the world.  All these elements make up the dynamic solo concert virtuoso known as "BETTINE" to her half-a-million, world -wide fans who have bought her CDs over the years.
Bettine Presents:
Special Concerto for Native American Flute and Orchestra
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Multimedia show
Pops Series,
Classical Series
& Youth Concerts
Multimedia show
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Performing Arts
Master classes, workshops, lectures on music in any locale


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