The Healing Power of Music
International solo flutist Bettine Clemen has always believed in the healing power of music and for many years has lectured and given workshops on the subject. She believes a person's attitude and attention to one's innermost self are crucial to achieving balance and harmony. Paradoxically, she learned those principles after two tragic accidents.

At age 16, she almost died in a car crash that claimed the life of her boyfriend. "I discovered that there is no such thing as death, that everyone is soul and that never dies. It lives on," she said. "That was the lesson of my near death experience because I experienced clinical death for a moment in time. As soul I was out of my body and could see my own injured body along with that of my boyfriend below."

And at age 23, Bettine suffered a broken spine after falling off a horse. Forced to spend a lengthy recuperation in a body cast, she missed a long-awaited international tour with the Munich Bach Orchestra. "Looking back," she said, "it turned out to be a very helpful learning experience because I discovered an inner truth. I learned that inner joy is not dependent upon outer circumstances. We create everything that happens to us. Imagination is a gift and helps people to be creative in every field of life, not just the arts. It has everything to do with love."Bettine Clemen playing harp

Imagination has enabled Bettine Clemen to continue to broaden her horizons, such as when she abandoned a successful career in Europe as a concert flutist and moved to Brazil to play with the Belo Horizonte Symphony. For Bettine, Belo Horizonte, so close to the Amazon rainforest, was an introduction to a new world of music and thinking and it provided her with the creative and spiritual experience for which she was looking. "I discovered that nature has a music and rhythm of its own if you only listen for it and I did. I began to write a lot of music, very different from what I had composed before; it was lyrical and spiritual and the approach was heart to heart and not head to head. That was the beginning of my new career as a Concert flutist with a message of love and understanding that I wished to share with international audiences everywhere." From this naturally developed Bettine Clemen's work in the healing power of music.

Bettine Clemen has done extensive work with music therapy. Sound is the key, but not just any sound. It has to have a special quality - a quality that she can only call uplifting and melodic. After much experimentation she has found that there is a certain kind of music that can help to heal, inspire, reduce tension and relieve pain. Over the years she has discovered that certain sounds help cancer patients increase their threshold for pain. In retirement homes, it seemed that particular melodies could bring a measure of happiness and energy to the lonely and the sick. And at the mental hospital, the doctors and nurses watched in astonishment as autistic children responded by dancing, singing and laughing as she performed oBettine with small boy.n several flutes.

Why the flute more than any other instrument? "Because in the tonal vibrations of the flute," Bettine explains, "we can sense the oneness that unites us as human beings with the world of nature. The flute cannot lie; it has a purity and clarity all its own and more than any other musical instrument, for me, it captures the energy of life."

The healing power of music is just that - the awakening of the energies of life to repair damaged cells and emotions.

Every time Bettine Clemen performs a concert as the creative flutist she is, she feels that music. Her music is a deft healer. It is her very real way to uplift the listener's emotional and spiritual world. "I think people now are searching for spiritual and positive communication," she says, "and music can communicate powerful messages of love."

Bettine Clemen is available to conduct lectures and workshops on the healing power of music as well as present creative arts programs of a multi-media nature such as Love Songs from Planet Earth at Conferences, Seminars and Expos of a consciousness nature throughout the United States and abroad. She addresses:


She draws on her own experiences in music therapy as well as selected writings of both Eastern and Western medical experts and philosophers. Samples of composers featured during workshops include Beethoven, Bach, Paul Horn, Mozart, Madonna and her own compositions.
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