Love Songs From Planet Earth


This is a multi-media concert presented by International Solo Flutist Bettine Clemen and world famous photographer Courtney Milne.

The Concert features uplifting music in a variety of styles from the classics through light jazz to popular melodies, and includes some of Bettine Clemen's own remarkable compositions. The whole is presented against a backdrop of dissolving slides set in time and ethos to the music being played. These images are from Courtney Milne's 'The Sacred Earth', 'Prairie Skies' and 'Spirit of the Land' collections and jointly, with Bettine's music have the ability to move the audience into a spiritual involvement. The program truly is a love song from planet Earth at a time when it is fashionable to look at the environmental damage that we have inflicted on our habitat. Spirit is stronger than humankind however, and this exuberance of spirit is the essence of this incredible collaboration of talent.

Love Songs from Planet Earth was premiered in Saskatoon, Canada with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra in 1997. The Concert was considered to be the highlight of the Symphony's winter season and an audience of over 2000 persons gave the performance a full standing ovation.

The multi-media presentation can be booked according to mood and budget. It can be performed, as at Saskatoon, with a full orchestra or with chamber groups, quartets and trios. It can even be performed with piano or harp accompaniment or as solo flute. The program is ideal for environmental and consciousness seminars and conferences, and can be booked by contacting Courtney Milne or Bettine Clemen at the following addresses:

Bettine Clemen

Modereggweg 20
83471 Schoenau

Fon 01149 8652 1759 
Courtney Milne 
BOX 121 
Tel: 306-668-1399 
Fax: 306-668-1355 
Here's what audiences say after they have experienced

Love Songs From Planet Earth......

"Simply breathtaking"

"...the highlight of my year to experience them performing together."

" Love Songs sweeps you away into a blissful world of exquisite music and color."

" Bettine and Courtney are each masters of their craft and together they create for their audiences a deep connection with all life."

" They are each deeply moved by grandeur of the natural world and it shows in their art."

" ---the show is like a powerful duet that took me on a magical journey around the world."

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