During the last 6 years Bettine created an exciting documentary film for PBS called "Flutasia, A Love Song For a Planet", which was filmed in more than 30 countries and features amazing footage from Bettine's world concert tours. On this stunning musical and visual journey Bettine takes you to places like Iceland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, China, Greenland New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Myanmar, Egypt, Petra in Jordan and many other exotic sites. 

The film expresses the interconnectedness of all life and shows how music can be a bridge between people of all cultures, races and colors; and as a tool to create a more peaceful world. It also includes amazing scenes of concerts for elephants in Sri Lanka, penguins in Argentina and Chile, an ancient tortoise in St. Helena and for the children of many continents. It was filmed by videographers like Kell Kearns, Fakhri Malkawi, and many others and edited and produced by Gary M. Smith at Nottingham Studios.

There is also a segment on Vietnam filmed on Bettine's most recent concert tour to Japan and Vietnam.

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