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Bettine Clemen

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2006 Schedule

January 23 to February 3  
Solo Shows on the Pacific Venus from Yokohama, Japan to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
February 6th  
Master Class in Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory Vietnam
March 19  to March 26  
Solo Shows on the Marco Polo from Lima, Peru to Costa Rico 

April 9th  

Concert in Singapore

April 11th to April 27th  

Solo Shows on Asuka from Singapore to Alexandria, Egypt

May 1st to May 5th   

Solo Shows on the Zuiderdam (Holland America) from Puntarenas, Costa Rica to Acapulco, Mexico

May 7th   


Concert: "A Love Song for a Planet"

A Multimedia Concert featuring parts of Bettine's new film from her journeys around the world, and many different flutes.  It also showcases the stunning photography of Nature photographer William Pennington, Jr.


Central Christian Church

1475 N. Washington Ave.

Springfield, MO  65802


(417) 869-7241

May 29th to June 5th   

Solo Shows on the Prinsendam  from Madeira to Lisbon

June 8th to June 12th   

Concerts in Europe (to be announced)

July 1st to July 7th   

Solo Shows on the Maasdam from Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland

July 27th to July 31st   

Solo Shows on the Europa to Sylt, Kopenhagen and Kiel, Germany

August 20th to August 24th   

Concerts in Ireland

September 11th to September 18th  

Solo Shows on the Amsterdam from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada to Montreal, Quebec Canada

September 29 - October 3rd   

Solo Shows on the Statendam from Vancouver to Los Angeles

October 6th   

Appearance on KY3 (NBC) News at Noon.

October 8th   

"A Love Song for a Planet" Multi-Media Concert

Christ Church Unity
2214 E. Seminole St., Springfield, MO

An exciting and inspiring journey on the wings of great music, magnificent films & stunning images that will take you to many of the most amazing places on earth and evoke a spirit of the interconnections among all life.

Special Guest: Artist nature and wildlife photographer William H . Penninger Jr. and several surprise guests.

Entrance: Free - Love offering suggested.

October 29th  

Concert at the Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, MO  12:30 pm   1000 North East Berry Road , Kansas City, MO for more information call (816) 436-0200


November 10th - 12th   

Ascension Weekend Course - at my peaceful retreat in the woods, called Alpha Meadows, close to Seymour, Missouri

Friday 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 10-5

Here are 2 websites that will tell you more about this course:   and also 


One can also call the monks at (616) 791-7412.  The course is $200, and I will make sure we will have  healthy and nourishing meals. 


Please see the special events page for more information.

November 21st to November 26th   

Solo Shows on Saga Rose from Southampton to Madeira

November 30th to December 14th  

Solo Shows on the Europa from Madeira to Fort Lauderdale

December 14th to January 3rd   

Solo Shows on the Spirit of Adventure in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China

2005 Schedule

January 15  
7 PM Love Song for a Planet. A multi media benefit concert. Location: Blue Ridge, GA. At the Performing Arts Center of Fannin County High School. For tickets call, United in Charity PH: 706-632-8995
January 28th to February 6th  
Solo Shows on the Crystal Serenity ; Tahiti to New Zealand
February 6th to February 12th   
Solo Concerts in New Zealand
March 2nd to March 14th  
Solo shows on the Crystal Serenity: Honolulu to Hong Kong
March 15th to April 13th  
Shows on the Silver Cloud :Singapore to Port Said, Egypt
April 18th to April 20th  
International Festival in San Antonio, Texas :Solo Appearance with Tangos and South American Music
June 26th to July 20th  
Solo Shows on the Silver Cloud :Honfleur , France, St. Petersburg, Russia, to Stockholm, Sweden


August 6th to August 20th  

Solo Shows on the MS Maasdam - Dublin- Iceland- Greenland, Newfoundland, Boston


September 20th to October 2nd   

  Solo Shows on the Crystal Serenity Venice to Athens


November 29th to December 31st  
Solo Shows on the Silver Wind: Mahe to Cape Town South Africa



January 5th - January 19th  
Shows on the Crystal Serenity 
Los Angeles to Angeles
January 24th - February 5th  
Shows on the Crystal Harmony 
Honolulu to Kailua
February 11th - February 22nd  
Shows on the Asuka 
Punto Arenas to Rio de Janeiro


March 13th - March 26th  
Shows on the Crystal Harmony 
Auckland to Sydney


April 6th - April 17th  
Shows on Crystal Serenity 
Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro
April 19th - May 5th  
Concerts on Silver Whisper 
Barbados to Barcelona, Spain
May 16th  
Multimedia Concert 
Springfield, MO Library Center 2:00pm


Concerts in Springfield
June 11th - June 13th  
Creative Writers Conference with author Linda Anderson
Alpha Meadows, MO


July 3rd - July 25th  
Shows on Silver Shadow 


August 9th - August 23rd  
Solo Shows on Radisson Diamond 
Istanbul to Venice
August 24th - September 4th  
Shows on Crystal Symphony 
British Isles


September 5th - 12th  
Solo Concerts in Germany
September 14th - October 3rd  
Solo Shows on the Europa 
Hamburg to New York via Iceland


October 17th  
Concert with Kim Robertson Celtic Harpist at 17:00 at Christ Church Unity in Springfield Seminole Street


November 5th to November 18th    
Solo Shows on the Silver Cloud , Dubai, India, Thailand, Singapore
November 25th to December 6th    
Solo Shows on Euro pa 
Rio de Janeiro Brazil and to Buenos Aires


December 6th - 20th  
Shows on Silver Whisper 
December 9th to December 20th    
Solo Show on the Amsterdam Buenos Aires to Rio

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