“Bettine’s Show was an Event that smiles out from the Stage”-The New York Times

Internationally renowned Flautist Bettine Clemen has thrilled audiences in over 85 countries with her innovative Solo shows and has performed in some of the world’s greatest halls like the Lincoln center in New York and the Royal Albert Hall in London. Her unique concerts combine many different styles of music ranging from light classical to Pop, Jazz and Ethnic with stunning videos of “concerts” for over fifty different species of animals in places like Petra Jordan, China, Japan, South America, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Alaska, Russia, and many places in USA. Be prepared to meet at least eighty elephants, two hundred and fifty thousand penguins, also a very ancient turtle, many camels and other exotic animals, all serenaded by Bettine’s music on seven different flutes.
After gaining her Master’s degree in Music at the Academy in Munich, Bavarian born Bettine Clemen made her early soloist career with such prestigious orchestras as the Munich Bach Orchestra, the Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg, the Prague Radio Chamber Orchestra and the Belo Horizonte Symphony. From Brazil Bettine moved to the USA and toured for Columbia Artists, playing over 300 concerts in USA and recording her 12 bestselling CDs and DVDs. In 1987, she was one of the first Western musicians ever to be invited by the Chinese Government to perform and teach in Shanghai and Beijing. Bettine now resides in Missouri from where she tours for 7 months a year, playing concerts partly on solid ground in concert halls but also on many different international cruise ships, which is her “Favorite Way of Touring"
At present, Bettine is also making a new music documentary for PBS, which features amazing footage filmed in Iceland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and many of the best scenes from her already existing films “PIED PIPER OF THE PLANET” and “FLUTASIA” She also has written a book called “OPEN YOUR EARS TO LOVE” expressing her philosophy of music and life and incorporating many of her touring experiences. Her CDs, DVDs and book are available in the Captain’s Choice. Don’t miss this wonderful evening of a journey with Bettine, her music and her animals."
-A Symphony for the Senses”-Saskatoon Symphony

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