Bettine Clemen

Bettine Clemen enjoys an active International career as a soloist, recording artiste and orchestral performer. Her concerts presenting seven different flutes, bring together the varied aspects of her successful career as she presents popular music, light jazz and original compositions mingled with the classics and her unique brand of humor.

At age six , Bettine started playing violin, piano and recorder and concert flute at age 12. She gained her Master's degree of Music at the Academy of Music in Munich, where she studied with Prof. Walther Theurer.  She also studied with renowned European flutists Aurele Nicolet and Peter Lukas-Graf, and took Master Classes with James Galway and Julius Baker.

Born in Bavaria, Bettine made her early career with such prestigious orchestras as 'The Munich Bach Orchestra', 'The Prague Radio Orchestra' and 'The Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg'. In 1978 she became solo flutist of 'The Belo Horizonte Symphony' in Brazil. The Amazon rain forests had a great influence on her own compositions and led to her recording 'Love Song to a Planet'.

Later she moved to the U.S.A. where she embarked on a successful solo career touring for Columbia Artistes. Her Christmas album with Guitarist Richard Patterson was nominated for the best Christmas recording of 1991 and has sold close to 300,000 copies.

Bettine was one of the first Western musicians officially invited by the Chinese government to perform concerts and teach Master Classes in Shanghai and Beijing.

In 1994 Bettine recorded her popular album, 'Forever', with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and  in 1996 recorded her album 'Open your Ears to Love'. More recently she has recorded her albums, 'Echoes of Life'(1998), 'Salut d'Amour'(1998), and 'Communion'(2000). Apart from her world-wide performances in such prestigious venues as the Festival and Royal Albert Halls in London and the Lincoln Center in New York, Bettine has performed throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, the Far East and on many different cruise ships as a cabaret artiste.

"A true artist, who includes the audience as part of the musical experience..."
Ruth A. Felt, President of San Francisco Performances

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In 2000, Bettine was granted permission to perform in the ruins of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.  In April and June she filmed there with a Jordanian film crew and produced the moving video Bettine and the Magic of Petra 

The video uses Bettine's music to portray the mystical magic of this lost Nabatean city in the rocks of the Arabian desert and to show through the subtle filming of Bedouin Arabs and their animals the interconnection between all cultures, life forms, and nature.  It is unusual, beautifully filmed, and masterful in its message.

photo of Bettine Clemen and Kim Robertson

For many years Bettine Clemen has been involved with the aspects of the healing power of music and lectures and gives interviews on this subject. It has always been her belief that music can be a tool to wholeness and well-being.

She says "Music is for all ages and all people and it can be healing when the sound is filled with love. It can uplift the listener's mind, body and spirit." Bettine has played and lectured with unexpected humor at many conferences and symposiums around the world on this subject.

She has participated in many 'Mind, Body, Spirit' conferences and 'Whole Life Expo's ' across the U.S.A.  She is open for further engagements in this field. Please contact her at the address listed below:

Bettine Clemen

Modereggweg 20

83471 Schoenau


Fon 01149 8652 1759

E-Mail to:

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