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Bettine's Latest CDs

A Beautiful Bouquet The Best of Bettine is a crowning musical achievement that honors and epitomizes the amazing career of internationally renowned flautist and best-selling recording artist Bettine Clemen.  This uplifting collection of eighteen carefully chosen songs, culled from nine career-spanning recordings, resonates with the magnificent sound of Bettine's unparalleled playing style and imaginative interpretive skill.

(Available on CD only)

Bettine Clemen, renowned Flautist and Recording Artist is known all over the world for music that comes from the heart and heals the mind and the body.

Dr. Herb Kaplan in his 35 years as a Psychotherapist has perfected methods which will help you achieve deep levels of relaxation.

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Ware-Patterson Duo Albums (Flute and Guitar)

  1. Echoes of Life: A collection of folk songs from around the world (Available on CD only)

  2. An Angel's Noel With Richard Patterson (Guitarist)

  3. (Available on Cassette & CD)
  4. Images (Available on Cassette only)

  5. Inside Passage  (Available on Cassette only)

Solo Albums

    Bettine Clemen and friends - an eclectic mix
(Available on CD only)
Salut d'Amour
    Flutes (Clemen), Piano (Nana Makhudze)
(Available on CD only)

Cross-Over album with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

"Bettine Clemen's "Forever" is a romantic collection of classical and popular works exquisitely performed on solo flute and accompanied by members of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra."

(Available on Cassette & CD)

Love Song to a Planet by Bettine Clemen
    Flutes (Clemen), Celtic harp (Kim Robertson) performed with nature sounds.
*Love Song to a Planet" may also be ordered through Border's bookstores or by calling Invincible Recordings at:
(Available on Cassette & CD)

Open Your Ears to Love
    Gold, alto, bass and Tibetan flutes (Clemen)
    performed with hardwood drum, guitar, piano, synthesizer,
    voice and nature sounds
"Experience a musical journey that ignites the heart and soul!  The loving sounds of Bettine Clemen's gold, alto, bass, and Tibetan flutes are masterfully interwoven with strings, hardwood drum, guitar, piano, synthesizer, voice and nature sounds to create a tapestry of music that lifts the spirit and opens the ears and hearts to love."
(Available on CD only)
(1) Works by Sperger, Quantz, Dragonetti and Robert Le Blanc
    Viola (Peruska), Flute (Clemen), Double bass (Hrdlik)
    performed with the Prague Chamber Orchestra
    Conductor Josef Hrncir
(Available on Cassette & CD)
(2) Concertos for flute and harp in C- Major - W. A. Mozart
    Brandenburg Concerto No.4 in G-Major - J. S. Bach
    Joie de vivre - R. Lawrence with The Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra
(Available on Cassette only)
    Flutes (Clemen) Piano (Merril Davis)
(Available on Cassette only)
Dancing in Sound
    Flutes (Clemen) with Harps, Strings, Synthesizer and Hardwood Drum
(Available on Cassette only)
On Eagle's Wings, Volume I
    Flutes (Clemen) Harp (Turrell)
(Available on Cassette only)
On Eagle's Wings, Volume II
    Flutes (Clemen) Harp (Turrell)
(Available on Cassette only)
    Flute (Clemen) Piano (Steven Halpern) Emerald Web (Lyricon)

(Available on Cassette only)



Please note that the following CD and Cassette recordings are available from Sugo Music:

1) Forever
    Cross-Over album with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
2) Classical Offering
    With Richard Patterson (Guitarist)
3) An Angel's Noel
    With Richard Patterson (Guitarist)

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