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Open Your Ears to Love

1) China Blue - Clemen  *

2) Test of the Heart

3) Ancient Voices

4) Sweetest Sound

5) Letting Go

6) Dancing in Sound

7) Song of Paridian

8) Amazing Grace

9)  Russian Troika - Sheynkman

10) Tibetan Call

11) Eagle’s Flight

12) Fire In The Wind -  Clemen/Villemonte/Kirk-Chase

13) Golden Journeys

14) Healing Sound

15) Anami

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BETTINE with Richard Patterson

1.      Kumbaya - Trad.,(West Africa)

2.      Wayfaring Stranger (United States)

3.     Sakura - Trad.,  (Japan) *

4.     El Condor Pasa  (South America)

5.     Shenendoah - Trad. (United States)

6.      La Rosa (Sephardic)

7.      Avez-vous Vu Les Bateliers (France)

8.     All My Trials  (United States)

9.      Love Has Gone  (United States)

10.  Het Nestje (Holland)

11.  Red River Valley (United States)

12.  Russian Troika (Russia)

13.  Haru No Umi (Japan)

14.  Black is the Color (United States)

15.  Danny Boy (Ireland)

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Salut d’ Amour

  1. Salut d'Amour (Elgar)  *

  2. Waltz in C# minor (Chopin)

  3. Meditation from Thaiis (Massenet)

  4. Barcarolle (Offenbach)

  5. Tracumerei (Schumann)

  6. Arabesque (Debussy)

  7. Largo (Bach)

  8. Berceuse (Faure)

  9. Mazurka op.43 (Chopin)

  10. Adagio (Sonata op. 13) (Beethoven)

  11. The Swan (Saint-Saens)

  12. Mazurka op.10 (Scriabin)

  13. Song To The Evening Star (Wagner)

  14. Waltz from Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky)

  15. Menuet (Gluck)

  16. Recuerdos (Tarrega)

  17. Ava Maria (Bach-Gounod)


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